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A classic style of the Caribbean, this stout is full bodied, sweet, smooth and creamy. We use extra dark roasted malt with oats and special hops to give this beer a medium bitterness with a juicy, fruity, tropical twist. Look for hints of pineapple, grapefruit, and passion fruit along with the usual coffee and chocolate flavors.

Mahogany Bay Stout

  • Style:  Tropical Stout
    ABV:     7.0%
    IBU: 35
    Fermentation: Top Fermentation
    Availability: 330ml Amber Bottle
    Serving Temperature: 6-8° Celcius
    Glass: Snifter
    Food Pairing: Almost any beef dish but a juicy steak is ideal. Camembert and brei work very well with this beer.


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