At DreadHop Brewing, we are serious about sustainability. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint through energy conservation and reduced waste production processes. We believe our brewery can be economical, profitable and sustainable at the same time, and by minimally impacting the environment, we will leave a positive impression on everyone that enjoys our beer.

The main areas we have focused on is waste reduction and energy conservation.

Reduced waste

A huge amount of water is used during the various cleaning processes in all breweries.  Dreadhop Brewing has 50,000 gallons of underground rainwater storage that we use in the washing and cleaning cycles.  This collected water provides almost all of the water we use to clean our tanks and equipment. We also sloped our floors one quarter inch in every foot out from the drains to reduce water use when we clean.


After every brew, our spent grain is given to local farmers as animal feed.  That is approximately 500kg of spent grain per brew going to feed local cows and sheep.  

Energy Conservation

All of the lighting in the brewery is low energy LED lights and many of our lights are controlled by motion sensors reducing the need to keep them on all of the time.

Our brewing water is also heated from steam generated by high efficiency LPG boilers and we also capture heat from our brew kettles during the cooling process and redirect it to our hot water tank ready for the next brew.

Our air-conditioners are all split system inverter air-conditioners which use about one third the energy of standard air-conditioners.

With the installation of a 650 KW photovoltaic system installed on the roof of the brewery in 2021, we get all or our energy requirements from the sun.